Financial Consultancy

Project Finance

  • Project Finance Risk Mapping (Risk Analysis, Risk Determination, Risk Mitigation, Risk Management)
  • Project Finance Due Diligence (Technical, Energy Market, Environment)
  • Project Finance Modelling and Feasibility Studies
  • Project Financing (Structuring, Sourcing)
  • Project Financing Operations (Documentation, Negotiation, Loan Management, Refinancing)
  • Project Finance Monitoring (Construction and Operation Phases)

Corporate Finance

  • Financial Products and Banking Relationship Management Advisory
  • Finance Operations and Accounting Operations and Bookkeeping and Consolidation Management Advisory
  • Financial Budgeting and Budget Management Advisory
  • Strategic Financial Consultancy and Investment Management Consultancy
  • Company and Credit Risk Due Diligence
  • Financial Reporting and Financial Forecasting and Data Analysis for Financing and Credit Decisions in Management

Business consulting

  • Facilitation of strategic plan
  • Business plan strategic financial review
  • Budgets - Review or preparations
  • Forecast – periodic /Quarterly update
  • Industry and benchmarking
  • Lean mapping of existing finance function

- Assistance in negotiations with banks

- Review of financial contracts and assistance in contract negotiations

- Market Research

- Assistance in business development

- Lender’s engineering / Project Progress Monitoring