Civil and Geotechnical Engineering

Transport infrastructure

Highways, motorways regional roads, service roads, city roads.
Organization of traffic surfaces: parking, rest ways, operational platforms for wind power plants, border crossings)
Railways and railway stations (normal and narrow gauge, industrial and tram gauge)
Pedestrian, traffic and railway bridges
Traffic management
Traffic management plan during construction works
Horizontal and vertical signalization
Landslide rehabilitation

Energy infrastructure

Wind Turbine Foundation Design Review, and BoQ optimisation
Asses Road, Site Road, Transportation Route Design Review
Preparation of Plans, Specifications, And Estimates (PS&E) For The Construction
Construction Oversight
Project Planning for Engineering Structures
Final Design
Drilling Engineering Supervision
Documentation of Existing Structures
Review and Advisory for Geological Assessment
Owner’s Engineering
High pressure gas pipeline
Distribution system and distribution of natural gas for municipalities
Compressor station for liquefied gas,
Oil terminals
Boiler house
Substations of all sizes
Wind power plant, Solar power plants
Street lightening
Home installations

Environmental infrastructure
River regulations
Flood protection
Sewer network,
Water supply system,
Waste water treatment plants
Irrigation system
Rehabilitation and closure of existing landfills

Business and residential buildings
Multifunctional sports halls