Due Diligence Services

Energy Assessment

Reviewing and commenting on existing wind studies
Re-calculation of energy yield and comparison with provided energy yield estimations
Review and commenting on used methodology
Review of the wind farm layout and highlighting potential risks based on the turbine layout
Review and recalculation of IEC Site Suitability

EBOP and CBOP Review

Review of Substation Design
Review Energy Transmission Line Design and Routing Permits
Review of Collection Grid (MV Cabling)
Technology and Quality review of used electro-mechanical equipment
Evaluation and commenting of chosen subcontractors

Contract and Permit Review

Review of all necessary permits and approvals by respective authorities
Preparation of permit risk matrix
Review of Turbine supply and Turbine Service Agreements
Review of EBOP and CBOP contracts

Financial Due Diligence

Lender's Engineering and Progress Monitoring Services